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Short Circuit is a comedy/scifi film released in 1986. It stars Ally Sheedy and Steve Guttenberg as the main human characters, and Tim Baily as the voice of the film's robotic star Number 5


The film begins with a simulation of hi tech robots developed by NOVA Robotics, the robots (there are five of them) demonstrate there ability to fight wars by shooting there laser beams at a test tank. The tank explodes and a crowd cheers. The robots then take the stage along with Howard Marner, the director of NOVA and show there artificial intelligents by makeing Howard a glass of gin at the applause of the crowd. The robots are then called off the stage (via remote command) by Ben Jahrvi the partner of the robots creator, Newton Crosby. The tour of the factory moves inside duet to an on coming thunder storm. The robots are being charged and one of them, Number 5 is hooked up to a genorator when lightning strikes it. After the shock the robots are called inside to conclude the tour, on the way however Number 5 now brought to life by the jolt is distracted by another robot serving coffee. Number five is accidently pushed into a garbage truck and is taken beyond the company's main gate. When all but number five enter the presontation room, Howard and Ben become concerned and ask Crosby for assistance on finding the bot. Meanwhile Number five falls off the garbage truck and begins to wander down the road. At the lab the Howard asks ben and Crosby if fives laser is still active (it is), they worry that number five is malfunctioning and might be dangerous to civilians much to Crosby and Ben's dismay Howard orders Captain Skroeder, a rather hostile man to retrive number five and bring him back unharmed. Number five is spoted by Skroeder but falls of a brige in the chase, luckily Nomber five releases a parachute from his back and floats down slowly. He then lands on the snack truck of Stephanie Speck, an animal lover who is driveing to her home. Crosby and Ben decide to persue Number Five seeing as Skroeder's only option of capture is to "Blow it up". At Stephanie's house she see's her three legged dog, Baily being harased by her ex boyfriend, Frank. He tells her that the dog looked sick and he was going to take him to the vet, Stehanie however notices a pet carrier that reads "Quinn's Animal Research" She then chases Frank of her property with the aid of a baseball bat, Frank leaves and threatens to return. That night Stephanie while feeding her large collection of pets, notices her truck shakeing. Thinking it is Frank she goes to investigate. Much to her amazement she discovers Number five. Thinking that he is an alien she invites him into her home. Number five is amazed by all the things in the home which he calls "input" meaning information. The two become fast friends. Stephanie is amazed by number five's skills as he reads an entire encyclopedia in a matter of seconds. Stephanie then goes to bed and five watches tv all night. The next morning Stephanie shows five the sun rise, which he thinks is a lightbulb. Number five frightened by Stephanie's dog, Baily falls of the porch and into a chicken coop. Stephanie, worried about five rushes to his aid. Upon closer inspection she reads a sticker on number five which reads "Proberty of Nova Robotics, Prototype number five". Stephanie is dissapointed thinking number five was alive, Number five states that he is alive. Stephanie then calls NOVA and states that she has one of there robots. Howard sends a team to retrive Five. Stephanie then consults five and tells him that nova is comeing to pick him up and will take him apart to "find out what screw is loose". While waiting number five playfully hops along with a grasshopper, accidently crushing it Number five states that the grasshopper has been dissasembled and asks Stephanie to re assemble it. She replies that she cannot fix it because it is dead. Number five concludes that dissasemble and dead are the same thing and fearfully runs to Stephanie's truck. He locks the door and reads the driver's manual, he then starts the truck. Stephanie jumps o the back as five drives away. Number five who is driveing all over the road is stoped by stephanie who now in the truck tells him that they will be killed if they drive over an oncoming cliff. Stephanie who try's to confort five promises to protect him from NOVA. Just then Ben and Crosby show up and ask the two to step out of the vehicle, number five who is terrefied refuses. Stephanie steps out and convinces the two that number five is alive and is afraid to die . The two men do not beleve this and state than number five is a machine "That just run's programed". Just as five warms up to the two with Stephanies help, Skroedder arrives with his team and orders the group to "surender the robot". Number five feeling that he an stephanie are threatened fires his laser at the group, They fire at number five while Crosby pleeds to stop shooting. Number five is shot and Crosby orders them to stop fireing as he shuts the robot down. To Stephanie's dismay Five is taken by NOVA She tells Crosby, who has a crush on her that he may call her as she is worried about five. While in route to the lab number five awakens and switches himself on he orders Ben and another soldier to exit the truck, terrified they leave. Number five then drives off in the truck. Crosby drives up to Ben and is now convinced that something is going on with his robot. It is now evening and Stephanie is about to take a bath, she is interupted by reporters who ask about number five, live on tv Frank watches the broadcast. Stephanie about to enter the tub is disturbed by a knock at the door, much to her suprise it is number five. The two embrace and five and stehanie dance to "more than a women to me". The next morning five atempts to make breakfast but throws full egs in a bowl ands pancakes while there still in the box. Frank apears at the door and try's to enter Stephanie trys to stop him bur to no avail. He gains entrance to the house and discovers five, wanting the reward money offered for his capture he invites number five to come with him. Stephanie attacks Frank and tells five to run. Outside number five dissasembles Franks car Stephanie persues Frank to the porch. Frank discoveres his car and threatens number five with a gun, he fires but the bullets are reflected by number five. Stephanie jumps on Frank and he violantly throws her to the grownd, number five angered by this fires his laser at Frank He shoots hs hat off and destroys his bealt buckle causing his pants to fall. Frank runs off and threatens to call NOVA. Stephanie and five drive off in her truck. Crosby and Ben who do not want to harm number five try to leave the base, but Howard trys to stop them the two concince him to give them some time to retrive five, he reluctantly agrees. Stephanie is convinced by number five to meet with Crosby alone to discuss the situation, she agrees. The two meet and talk, Crosby promises that he will not harm five and just wants to take a look at him. Just then Skroeder and NOVA interupt, and grab the two Five bursts through the wall and grabs Stephanie and the two escape up to the mountians. Crosby now convinced that he is alive sneaks off to find the two. Crosby meets up with them and after spending the nite talking to number five concludes that he is indeed alive. The three celebrate but NOVA shows up and under the order of Skeroeder grab Crosby and Stephanie. Number five runs off and dodges must of the cross fire. But number five is blown to bits by a helicopter. Stephanie and Crosby are saddened by the loss of there friend. Skeroder is fired by Howard and Crosby quits his job. He and Stephanie drive away in her truck the two still upset hear a rumble in the back of the van, Number five emurges mutch to there joy and explains that the robot that was destroyed was a decoy made by him. The three decide to move to Montana, where Crosby ownes some land perfect for Stephanie's pets. Number five drives the car and tells the two that he decided that Number five is a stupid name and would prefer to be called johnny five instead, the three friends laugh as they drive down the road to there new life, the film ends and the credits roll.

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